Lon Po Po Coloring Pages

The story is set in China. Three sisters, Shang, Tao, and Paotze are left alone overnight while their mother goes to visit their grandmother, Po Po, for the grandmother’s birthday. She warns them as she leaves to “Be good” and “Remember to close the door tight at sunset and latch it well”. The wolf, who sees the mother leave, then decides to come over to harm the children. The wolf pretends to be their grandmother, Po Po, to try to gain entry. The children question the wolf through the door,” Why are you here so late?”, “Why is your voice so low?”, to which the wolf has clever answers. The two youngest children finally open the door and let the wolf in. Because of the darkness, the children can’t see that it is a wolf. When it is time for bed, the children and the wolf are to sleep together. The children notice “Po Po’s” wolf-like characteristics. They question him like “Po Po, your foot has a bush on it”, “Po Po, your hands have thorns” to which the wolf has more clever answers. Finally, Shang (the oldest) lights a candle and before it gets blown out, sees that Po Po is really a wolf. She devises a plan to get herself and her sisters out of the house. She tells the wolf about the delicious, magical gingko nuts that grow on the tree outside their home. The children go out and climb the tree where she tells the other two who Po Po really is, while the wolf follows. They tell the wolf to get a rope and a basket so they can pull him up the tree to get the nuts, all the while planning on dropping the wolf once in the basket to kill it. On the third time dropping the wolf to the ground they succeed in killing him. The children then go in the house and go to sleep. After the mother’s return the next day they tell her what happened.

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